Involvement Opportunity from the Picker Institute and Mind 31st August 2016

Contact the Picker Institute to take part (see below)

The Picker Institute – an independent healthcare research charity – have been commissioned by Mind to develop an annual survey of people’s experiences of accessing and using primary care* and third-sector* mental health services.

 To develop the survey, the Picker Institute will be holding six discussion groups in different locations in the UK (London – Hackney and Lewisham, Middlesbrough, Stockton and Carmarthen) and fifteen in-depth telephone interviews (across the UK). We will be speaking to people who experience mental health issues, to explore their views of accessing and using these services.

 Potential participants

Specifically, we want to speak to people from a wide range of demographic backgrounds, who:

*    Have personal experience of mental health problems, AND

*    Are aged 16 or over, AND

*    Are willing to take part in a discussion group in one of the above locations, or a telephone interview, AND

*    Have contacted or used mental health support through primary care services or a third sector/ voluntary organisation*, OR

*    Have tried to access any mental health support through primary care or a third sector/voluntary organisation*, OR

*    Have considered contacting primary care* or third sector/ voluntary* mental health support services, but have not yet tried.

 * Primary care services may include GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists and walk-in mental health services. By third sector, we mean the range of organisations that are neither public sector nor private sector, including voluntary and community organisations (both registered charities and other organisations such as associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives.

 The discussion groups and telephone interviews will be held between 30th August and 23rd September. In your area we will be holding one group in Stockton at Marlborough House at 3pm and one group in Middlesbrough at The Mind Centre at 6pm on Wednesday 31st August.


The Picker Institute will be suppling all recruitment materials. We have developed a flyer for recruitment that explains the purpose of the work, who is eligible to take part and how they can contact us if they are interested in being involved. The idea is that anyone who has seen a flyer and is interested in participating would contact the Picker Institute directly and we would manage the process from there onwards. A PDF of the flyer is  available at this online link:

 We are using a number of other methods to recruit potential participants for the telephone interviews, including advertising in local newspapers, through community groups and social media.

 P3090_Mind Survey Development Recruitment FLYER_FINAL_120816 [127069]

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