Work, Health and Disability – what is the Green Paper about?

Less than half of disabled people are in employment. The government wants an economy that works for everyone. In order to do this they are consulting with employers, the welfare system, the NHS and disabled people and their families. This consultation is called the Green Paper for Work, Health and Disability or ‘Improving Lives’.

The government recognise that disabled people need support to be able to work and fulfil their potential. The current system is not working in a way that is helping them to do this.

There is evidence that the right work can bring health and wellbeing benefits that disabled people are currently missing out on. The government want to hear about the best ways people have been helped into work and to explore new ways of doing this.

The government wants to:

  • Focus on the strengths of disabled people and people with health conditions.
  • Make sure disabled people and people with health conditions have an equal chance to fulfil their potential and are supported to get into and remain in work.
  • Help employers build a workforce that reflects all of society including people with health problems and disabilities.
  • Make sure people get the right help at the right time.
  • Put physical and mental health on the same footing.

You can read more about the consultation here







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